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Welcome to Xgamerz Blog, this website reviewing PS4, Xbox One,  VR games and PC . you will know my honest thoughts on the games I play and try to deliver detailed reviews that cover all the important stuff, from the graphics to the gameplay, and I’ll give u the best and the cheapest PC’s can run those games with high performance, with the best tools like keyboard …

As for me? Hi. My name is Aymen. I’ve been gaming since I was about 6 over a variety of platforms and my favorite game is league of legends. And I find that writing about games made sense. There wasn’t any magical eureka moment that I can remember, I just loved to read, loved videogames and somehow decided that writing about them made perfect sense.

It’s now several years on and, people seem to like what I’m writing! I get emails from people telling me to keep it up, comments from others and plenty of lovely words from much large, and far better, and cool opportunities to check out other stuff like mice, keyboards, headsets, and even computers! It’s mindboggling! So, all I can say to the people who read my work, send me a mail and comment on my reviews, it helps a lot!

But, at the end of the day, even if any person likes it, I’ll be good for me, and if nobody is like it, I’ll still be writing in my notebook. Why? Because I find writing about games is the best thing where I find myself. It doesn’t come naturally or easily to me. Indeed, I’m a slow writer, but I struggle through and hopefully manage to produce some credible work.

The goal is to simply be honest about how I feel about any given game. Reviews are inherently subjective and as long as I’m writing  I will attempt to be fair, overall you’ll be reading my opinion.